documentation of performances.

Sound Sweep an enhanced listening experience of Harron's Mirza's /|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|

Sound Sweep is a performance which invites the audience to listen in on a live field recording. Six wired headphones are tethered to the artist via a digital recorder and a directional microphone. Participants follow the artist around the gallery as he tunes into the individual sonic components of the show, exposing the intentional and the unitentional sounds that leak out into the space, offering an intense but rather intimate perspective to the work.


LightMothLight was an outdoor performance set in a woodland cinema for The Cube Microplex's Bioskop presents.... Leading up to the event audio recordings of various light bulbs were made which were found within the Cube Cinema, these recordings were then used for a live soundtrack to accompany the screening of Stan Brakhage's 1963 silent film Mothlight, which was projected onto a large screen suspended between two very tall trees.


'I am recording now' was an event performed inside one of the mighty water towers at Oberhausen train station during my residency at Kitev in 2010. Curious to explore the reverberant qualities of the water towers and taking inspiration from Alvin Lucier's 'I am sitting in a room'. 'I am recording now' was a late night sonic survey of the rooms resonant ambience. A 6min recording was made of the space then played back through large speakers, this playback was then recorded and played back again over six sessions until eventually a drone like tone is revealed amplifying and distorting any accidental noises that were captured during the recording process.

'Cube AS instrument' was an investigation into the manipulation of a 35mm film projector for sound and vision with projectionist James Vickery.  A range of microphones were employed to extract audio from different components of the projector, while a black emulsion loop was projecting darkness into the cinema. As the performance progressed the black emulsion of the film was slowly erased with a scapel, allowing fine lines of coloured light to hit the screen. As the light intensified the soundscape emerged to reveal rich, delicate and dense sounds found leaking out of the 35mm projector, the result created a living, breathing, pulsing cinema space.


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