By the mark, the deep image

By the mark, the deep

Field recordings from the submerged ruins of Dunwich, UK. An ongoing collaboration with artist Milo Newman.




My Tape Archive, Meantime Residency

A research residency trying to trace the owners of a reel to reel tape from the 1970’s simply titled Dave – Trance.



piano works spill 2 reduced

Piano Works Spill

A de-constructed upright piano, lies on its back with two reel to reel players situated inside the piano. Both players are fed a single length of looped tape which is pushed and pulled across the exposed strings of the piano and amplified by the tape machines.




Piano Works Film

A long black loop of 16mm film is threaded through the strings of an upright piano and fed back to a projector. As the film is pulled through the strings scratch marks are etched into the films surface and gradually light vertical lines are projected onto the piano. Mounted on the front of the piano are four light sensors which are activated by the dancing vertical lines allowing live sounds of the projector to be played out via the sound board of the piano, creating a live evolving film.




Piano Works Fall

An upright piano lies on its back in a dry derelict Edwardian swimming pool. Suspended high above the piano are three ice cylinders which are allowed to melt so the water droplets fall onto the exposed strings of the piano. As the ice melts its orientation slowly changes resulting in a variety of notes to be played out into the empty resonant pool.




Piano Works Loop

Three reel-to-reel players sit on top of a stripped back key-frame of an upright piano, each machine has a tape loop which is threaded around  its adjacent string. As the piece begins all three machines play out the sound of the found sound tape loop creating a chaotic sound-scape. Over time the string of the piano slowly erodes the iron oxide particles, erasing its recorded memory and gradually changing the repetitive sound. Once the shiny coating of the tape begins to be removed it has more influence over the string acting as a bow, creating a continuous tone. Eventually the sound of the recorded loops slowly die out and the piano is allowed to sing until eventually the tape gets so worn that it breaks, the composition finally ends when all three loops have broken.




Plant Orchestra

A collaborative project with Luke Jerram exploring the secret sounds of plants.