Attacked by Wolves Performance

Attacked by Wolves with My Tape Archive, Uganda Architecture performance, 2015.

Qujunktions Playpen, Arnolfini, Bristol.

A performance for 4 x 16mm projectors, 4 x reel to reels and 3 x operators.




Attacked by Wolves with My Tape Archive, Micro Rhapsody performance, 2014

All Hallows Eve Feast, Spike Island, Bristol UK

A performance for 1 x 16mm projector, 8 x reel to reel players and 2 x operators.




My Tape Archive, Dave – Trance, Playback Performance 2014

Meantime Residency, Meantime, Cheltenham, UK

A found sound tape is played out to an audience in a darkened room of a seance recorded in the local area in 1979.



TJ matt Davies copy

My Tape Archive TJ set. 2013

Schmalfilmtage 14, Dresden, Germany.

Tape Jockey set for the closing party of this great film festival in Dresden.



BSG gitta tour 019

A Micro-sound Tour of Ballast Seed Garden, 2012

Ballast Seed Garden, Castle Park, Bristol UK

A talk with Nick Wray on the acoustical behaviour in plants.



radio orchestra

Our Radio Orchestra, 2012

Cage 100, The College, Bristol, UK

A performance for 12 x FM radios, 24 x operators and 1 x TV.

Radio Orchestra is inspired by John Cage ‘Imaginary Landscape No.4’



sound sweep

Sound Sweep, 2012

Spike Island, Bristol, UK

An enhanced audio tour of Haroon Mirza’s /|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|.